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Golf Clash is one of the best Golf game available for the Android and iOS devices it is winner of “Game of the year 2018” (Mobile Game awards) and also the winner TIGA Awards for Game of the year.

The game has more than 10,000,000+ installs in Google Play Store and 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating in Google Play Store. For running in Android the minimum version required is Android v4.4.

The game was developed by Playdemic and its content is rated for the age above 3 years. Players from all around the world can play against each other in beautifully designed courts around the coasts.

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As your golf skills increases you will unlock many tours and upgrade the clubs. The main features of the Golf Clash are as follows:

Main features

1. Real like shots which make the game look more realistic and become hard to master.

2.  More than 1000 players’ online ready to be challenged. So, you will not be the only one playing the game alone.

3. Connect friends from Facebook and challenge them in the game. You can also play with your own friends and challenge them in Golf Clash and know who actually the best is.

4. All the gameplay is player versus player in real time, so you will be required Internet connection to play the game.

5. As you increase your skills many advanced tours and raise the stakes are unlocked.

6. Promotion in every week leagues which will allow you to win and earn clubs and bonuses.

7. You can also upgrade to premium balls and clubs by unlocking chests when you discover them.

8. The gameplay is also affected by changing weather and courses conditions. So you should also learn how master different weather conditions.

9. The best feature that I liked about Golf Clash is that we can save the replays of the amazing Golf shots made during the gameplay and share them over social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat etc.

10. You can even chat with your opponents with texts and Emojis. Mute the chat if you didn’t want to get disturbed while the gameplay then this is also an option available for muting the chat in the latest version of Golf Clash.

How to play Golf Clash?

Golf Clash is easy to play but hard to master because of the challenging environment and intense player vs player competition. Follow these simple steps to play Golf Clash easily:

1. Most Important: Timing

Timing plays a very essential role in the Golf Clash. Master the controls and learn to place the needle at the centre of the bull’s eye to make a good powerful shot.

2. Move the Target

It’s upon you that how you aim the target. Preferably the far targets are easy to score as compared to the near targets. To master in selecting the targets you should know everything about each courses.

3. Put the Ball in the Hole

Practice and make your controls betters for putting the ball into the hole. Try many targets of different ranges. Also perfect to manage the power to be applied in each and every shot.

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