Good Pizza, Great Pizza

One word which will surely make your taste buds simulated and make your mouth watery is “Pizza”. In this 21st century, who does not love to eat pizza?

Whether you are with your friends and family in any sort of social gathering or event and you do not feel like to prepare the meal, pizza is the best reliable ready to eat food which is available all around the world.

This Italian dish is quite popular around the globe and almost everyone loves to eat this round dish with delicious toppings. The first bite of a pizza topped with delicious veggies with cheesy layer and tomato will surely make you feel in love with it.

But do you know that “Good pizza, great pizza ” game enables the users to open their own pizza restaurant and run their own empire? This game is the most popular application specially designed for pizza lovers.

One needs to open their own pizza shop, bake delicious pizzas by adding mouth-watering toppings and adding cheese bursts layer on the crust to make the customers happy.

This game is quite amusing as it falls under the category of editors choice under Google play store and has been downloaded by millions of people worldwide.

If someone wants to learn the art of pizza making then this application is very much suitable for them. Be it the continental pizza, Italian, Mexico, Rawalpindi, one can learn to prepare every type of them.

This game runs smoothly on every Android as well as Apple devices and can be run in tablets and PC too.

So what are you waiting for? Download this game now and create your own pizza restaurant empire and check your global ranking weekly. This game facilitates people with daily rewards in order to keep them addicted to this game.

One can even buy pizza making supplies, ingredients, kitchen appliances, restaurant articles through in application purchases which are available for a nominal fee.

One can even participate in weekly global challenges where people can compete with other users in pizza making competition and can chat and send stickers to them.

On visiting other peoples restaurant, one gets rewarded by different gifts and game keys which can be used to buy items and ingredients useful for making pizza.

Game features

  1. Learn to make around more than forty pizza recipes.
  2. Trade, buy or sell pizza ingredients to other users.
  3. Share your game progress with other users by sharing your game status via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Game specifications

  1. Version – 2.8.6
  2. Game size – 50.76 MB
  3. Game release date – 11 March 2015
  4. Game author – Tap Blaze
  5. Developer email –
  6. License – Free
  7. Operating system requirements – Android 4.1 or higher. Supports Apple devices too.
  8. Supported languages – English, French, Korean, Chinese


Overall this game is quite good for pizza lovers who are curious to know about different pizza recipes. This game is family friendly and can be played with everyone. So what are you waiting for? Download Good pizza, great pizza now.

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