Tips for playing Dragon ball legends the best way

Goku and his gang are ready for the next adventure. There is a new hero called as the shallot who has to tap and use his special powers and help his allies. During the airborne clashes the fights are epic.

The many z warriors will kick and punch when the energy beams in the legendary clashes. Now here is a guide for you to play the dragon ball legends in the best way. Now let’s look at the tricks, cheats and tips.

Look at the elementary advantage before going into battle

  • When you plan to enter into the new story or the mission you have to look at the opposition. You also have to look at the team setup. Take time to keep the team united or switch them out for the different ones. They have to suit the elements also. It is good to be in the battle with the many characters elements you want. Keep an eye on the icons of the characters. If they contain a blue arrow you have to throw them at the skirmish. If they have red arrows switch the characters to others.
  • The five colors of the elements are as follows yellow, purple, red, green, and blue. The two colours of the lineup and dark and light.

Eliminate the evil

  • The dragon ball legend is a fast mobile game where the fights take place in the air. You have to use solid battle strategies to win the battle. Once you see an opening move closely and use some melee attacks.
  • If you have some ki you can activate the art cards. Deplete the opponents HP by utilising the three cards.  Try to activate the cards that contain the dragon ball icon. You can also power up the rising rush attack when you are fighting.
  • When the icon of the charter starts to glow you can click on it to get the special abilities. The abilities have the power to raise the stats of the characters.  They can become more powerful to defeat the enemy. If you want to charge the ki you have to knock the enemy if they attack.
  • Then you can use the rising rush attacks when you are facing the final enemy. This technique harms the enemy.

Try to finish all the challenges in the story chapters

  • When you are in the story set up missions you have to take a look at the challenges. There are seven challenges and you have to complete them to get number of rewards. You can get three chrono crystals for the seven challenges.
  • You can have your pockets filled with rare medals. These items can be used for the trade in for rare materials namely souls which helps to break the restrictions of the characters in the game. You can have the rare medals for the matches of PvP.

These are some of the techniques and tips you can use in the Dragon Ball legends game for becoming the best player.

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