Charles Sanko

Position: Chief Technology Officer

The people that made up a team are the ones that made things happen in the team. We at InFocus have the best team of experts that made our job easy and more efficient.

Charles Sanko is an integral part of our team, who has contributed a lot to make sure that the satisfaction of customers is assured. That is the reason you should go on and check through our handpicked gaming device option to select the one that will make your gaming more entertaining and fun.

Our CTO has the required training that enables him to handle the needs of customers more professionally.  

Charles Sanko

What you should know about Charles Sanko

Technology improvement has changed everything about humanity. Everyone is interested in getting things done more easily and simply than it has always been. Charles can fill up the gap, existing between technology and the people. Also, human interaction has been made simpler through the help of Charles.

There are many reasons why Charles is the most suitable person for the CTO office in our company. As an avid video game player and tech expert, Charles has contributed a lot to the success of the company. That is why he is one of the most important additions to the InfoCus team.

The personal like of Charles you need to know

Charles graduated from a prestigious University with First Class Honor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. His passion for technology started long, when he was a child and play around with his father’s PS4 with friends where he was able to understand the way gaming consoles works.

These are among the things to spike his interest in video game hardware technology. As the CTO of the company, Charles has contributed a lot in making sure that customers are well taken care of in terms of providing them with the best console. The experience of other people our site is a confirmation of the quality service offered by the InfoCus team of experts.

Family life

All works and no play make a jack a dull boy. Charles is aware of this adage and ensures his leisure is not being spent working in the office. Rather he usually makes out time for his family, especially for the children.

As a father of two with a beautiful wife, Charles usually makes time to stay with the family when he is not in the office. Also, he loves reading inspirational novels, which helped him to know the best way to go about handling challenges in the office.

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