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Modded Battlefield 1 Controllers

There are now modded BF1 controllers available for different consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One. The best Battlefield 1 controller on the market consists of 12 separate modifications.

You can alter the controller according to the style of gaming that you would generally prefer, depending on if you’re more directed towards stealth or attack. It’s possible that you require to have more control of your weapons rather than focus on protecting yourself.




Aim Control

As available for most games, the modded controller for this game also offers a feature called auto-aim, this feature essentially helps make your aim more precise by giving you a lot of range, where you can shoot your opponent while ducking or jumping.

It also allows 360 degrees precision which can be extremely handy when you’re in a jeopardizing situation and can be hit easily, you can easily shoot from a position of safety. You will not have to worry about the accuracy of your aim and this will give you an advantage over your enemy.

Rapid Fire

The rapid-fire feature, as evident by the name, increases your speed. The enhancement of the speed of your player comes with one of the best edges of all time, swift movement is something that can make or break a game, it could literally be the difference of a second during relocation, one minute too late, and you can be dead.

One minute too soon and all your progress is safe. It also allows quicker movements during attacks and assists in shooting your opponent at a faster pace, you can literally unload numerous attacks at once with just one click.

Enhanced Sniping

The quick scope feature is also available, now, for when you are modifying your controller, quick scoping, essentially has to do with snipers and aiming from afar. Most players absolutely adore the sniping option because of the effect it can have from a distance.

You can rely on the safety of your position and at the same time be killing off your opponents. The addition of this feature makes the sniping option a lot faster and less monotonous than what would happen with a regular controller, most players actually ask for this feature to be added during the modification.

Quicker Reloading

One of the most important features that come with the modification of a controller is the reloading option, the faster reloading option to be specific. Reloading firearms can sometimes take up valuable time that you could have used in defeating your enemy, it may not seem that drastic, but in some situations, it can actually cost you your gameplay progress.

You could be occupied with reloading your weaponry and be easily shot while you’re distracted. This feature quickens the reloading and prevents you running around with an empty gun. Some websites have talked about how the addition of this feature actually increases the lethal rating of the player.

Customizing Buttons

Button customization is also an important one, this helps you appoint multiple functions to one singular button. This could include increasing your speed, you can enhance your frequency with one flick of your finger. You can switch between weapons of sorts and also begin constant shooting if your controller is modified that way.

The software can allow all of this and more giving you better leverage over your opponents in the game. The overalls edge can be really helpful.

BF1 custom controller Xbox PS4
Battlefield gamepad

Benefits of a Custom Controller in Battlefield 1

As aforementioned, there are so many benefits of modifying your BF1 controller according to your needs. You can alter the software to meet the requirements of your style of gameplay, it becomes a lot easier for you to use the controller physically.

You can customize the design of the BF1 controller to how you like it to be, you can change the colors if you don’t prefer the ones present. The button arrangement can be according to you and can help your hand to avoid cramping of sorts.

The number of functions that come with the modifications can easily leave the regular controllers in the dust. Getting a modified controller can take away all the hassle that comes with regular controllers, the best part is the prices are usually quite affordable.


Some people worry about the legitimacy of these controllers because they can easily be confused for cheating, some people also worry about jail time, using these, but that is not the case at all. In fact, there have been no complaints by Microsoft or Xbox regarding these.

This is not considered as cheating, only making your gameplay a lot easier in a fairly legal way. Custom Battlefield 1 controllers can be the best device you can buy for gaming.

What’s A Custom BF1 Controller?

A custom BF1 controller can only come under this category if the body and the programming are altered, just adding a modchip does not cut it anymore. The controller should have software that allows you to assign certain functions to specific buttons to make the gameplay custom to you and the way that you generally play.

You can change the exterior of the controller by changing the texture or the color of the controller. You can add customized letters and such to it to make it specifically for you. This gives a very familiar feeling to your controller. Obviously, the changing of the internal programming is the main concern, you can modify your controller’s program and inhibit the hindrances that come with the regular controllers.

You no longer have to deal with the issues that come with the regular controllers. The versatility of the controller also improves dramatically when you modify it because of many reasons, including the feature of changing your players, you can also save the player’s profile on your controller.

The strategies and techniques that you generally use are also allowed to be stored within the controller. This is basically saving your history and remembering it for the next instance when you may need it and instead of applying it all over again, it can be done a lot simpler.

Battlefield 1

More About Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is a classic first-person shooter game. The whole idea that you are the one playing it from your own perspective and not through an avatar gives players a more personalized experience and hence, improves the person’s general involvement in the game. The game is EA DICE and was published by Electronic Arts.

It was released for Microsoft Windows, the Xbox one and PS4. The game received fame quite like wildfire because of the previous installments of the game. The former versions were loved by gamers worldwide and this game received a very similar reaction by the general public.

In fact, this was actually seen as an improvement by critics because of the enhanced graphics and the whole World War 1 theme of the storyline. The multiplayer mode of the game was also greatly appreciated by players because of the involvement of partners you trust.

The sound effects were also a huge factor adding to the game’s popularity. The game is quite realistic because the players can make use of weapons that were actually used in the first world war like the bolt action rifle or submachine gun, other weapons like the automatic rifle and the semi-automatic rifle, artillery, flame throwers, and mustard gas.

Weapons & Vehicles

A new version of weapons called the melee weapons was also introduced, the list includes sabers, trench clubs and shovels. The melee weapons are traditionally divided into three categories. Players can also make use of the vehicles available during combat.

Things like armored trucks, cars, torpedo boats and the most important addition to this category is the M-class zeppelin. If you want a more traditional approach to the game you can also make use of the ride horses. The environment can also be destroyed which practically enhances the realistic element of the game.

Campaign Mode

The campaign mode is said to have larger, more open environments giving the players more space to explore the site and the graphics of the game, in general. Like, the previous version of this installment also has the option of customizing your opinion according to your taste.

The campaign mode of the game also has offered more options in reference to the paths you may choose to complete the level you’re on. It also allows new and improved approaches to physical, one to one combat. There is also a situation where you can choose a different player or avatar if yours dies.


You can pick an entirely different character. Previously, this could only have been done if you had reached a checkpoint but that is no longer a requirement in this installment of the game. The storyline is quite sequential and acts as an anthology like most of the previous version.

Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode of the game can sustain up to 64 players, the new programming also allows players to leave together if they wish to. A squad actually makes the gameplay a lot easier and makes you feel a lot safer with your partners having your back.