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PS4 custom pro dualshock controller

What Are Custom PS4 Controllers?

A custom PS4 controller is a gamepad that has been customized with extra buttons, extended triggers, and mod-chips to give an advantage in console gaming. Custom built PlayStation 4 controllers are built to allow every gamer to experience fun and interesting gaming.

There are various types of PS4 controllers on the market, but none of these types offer customized features required by gamers. That’s why gamers are thinking of the best way to customize their gaming controller to enhance their overall experience.


Get the Best PS4 Controller for eSports

We are ready to help you select your preferred gaming controller for unforgettable gaming. The perfect controller you need to stand undefeated in the gaming world is what you will get as you join our online platform today.

Various gaming controller options are provided here to make it easy for you to pick the one that best explains your gaming personality.

Through the help of our trained and trusted professionals, you will be sure of getting custom ps4 controllers that will enhance your overall experience.

PS4 controller builder by InFocus


Evilcontrollers PRO eSports PS4 controller

We offer the best PS4 gaming hardware modifications, focusing on the satisfaction worldwide.

To be sure you are on the right track when looking for a custom controller, it is important to know the right modifications that are perfect for you. Knowing the key mods that you would find in the best options is important. The following are some of the most important mods the best custom PS4 controllers offer players.

Rapid fire mod

This is the modification that enables you to fire at a rate higher than the normal game rate. This gives you an advantage over your enemies because it means you can fire more rapidly than them unless they are using the same mod as yourself.

Customizable buttons

The best custom PS4 controllers enable you to enjoy hyper-customization when it comes to functionality. It has some customizable buttons that you can configure to do whatever you want and in such a way that it is most convenient for you.

Fast reload

One of the difficulties of playing first-person shooter games is, reload time. This can be devastating, especially when you are under heavy enemy fire and there is nowhere to hide and recuperate. At such a time, waiting for your weapon to reload can be a very slow process and it can be damaging. But with fast reload, you eliminate the waiting time and you can enjoy rapid fire action.

There are a thousand more functionalities that you would enjoy when you build a custom controllers. The key to finding all that is possible is to make the right choice and go for the right option. This is what is most important.

Custom PS4 Controller Features: Build Your Own

The quality of your tools will determine the look of your end product. If you want professional products at the end of the day, you should handle your job with professional tools. The number one thing you should know about our online platform is that it created to enhance your satisfaction.

We at InFocus has already provided the controller with different colors and parts. So, it is easier to find the one that will make your gaming more entertaining and exciting when you check through our handpicked options provided.

In the first step of customizing your controller, you have to pay attention to some essential parts such as:

Shell, Rear shell, Analogs, Touchpads, Buttons, R2, R1, L1 and L2, Share options, PlayStation Button, Click sticks, Analog interchangeable system, Triggers for spring stop, and Added customization.

custom controller for PlayStation 4

The Shell Color & Texture

To determine the exterior color of the PlayStation 4 controller, you should select your preferred shell color. InFocus offers solid and classic colors. We offer elite and patterned colors for a premium feel for those that want to enhance the overall beauty of their controller.

Camouflage PS4 controller shell, red, blue and green

The PS4 shell gloss and matte options are provided to make it easier for you to understand the best give your controller perfect customization.

Connect to our trusted team for added color options like splash, special, and chrome grip. After customizing the front shell of your controller, you may have needed to beautify the back backside. Most people do not like to use solid homogeneous colors or patterns, which is the reason we have provided an option for the backside of the controller.

We have provided the front and back shell option for the total beautification of your controller. With the things provided here, there is an option to get creative with the customization of your PS4. Combine and match the patterns and colors to bring out the true beauty of your controller.


Give the touchpad an exquisite outlook

Notwithstanding the outer out front and back shell color of the controller, you may want to modify the color of the touchpad. You have an opportunity to enjoy endless customization for your controller in a creative and more captivating manner.

The touchpad color options provided here are nine in number, making it easy for everyone to find the most suitable option to change the look of his or her controller completely. The custom PS4 controllers you have desired will be made possible through the color options to meet your needs.

DualShock 4 Touchpad lightbar
analog assist stick for ps4 dualshock controller

Analog Joystick customization

Whether you are using a digital or analog controller, there I option for everyone. As analog PS4 users, there is an option to give your device creatively and perfectly.

There are nine solid colors available that will always meet your customization needs without wasting time.

You can take your controller customization to a new height using the provided colors. Give your PS4 controller a different feel and look with color splashes in unique style and premium quality, and you will be glad that you did.


Button customization

PS4 buttons play a great role in changing the overall look of the device. Transformation of your controller button using chrome or polished colors will enhance your overall experience.

Check through the available eight chrome colors to add splendor to your controller buttons to keep them classy and exquisite.

PS4 buttons metal chrome
custom DPAD for PS4 eSports gamepads

Custom D-Pad

In terms of customization, you equally have an opportunity to customize the D-pad appearance, using the colors provided for the analog controllers. You can select your preferred color from the polished colors and chrome colors provided.

The polished colors provided here are ten in number, and the chrome colors are eight.


Sensitive buttons

No longer will you mount pressure on your controller button to get the result you desire, the custom ps4 controllers come with a soft button, which requires soft touch to effect required change with ease. The remapping will allow you to locate the hideout of your enemies and know the best way to tackle them. You can carry out real-time reprogramming of your game hardware through the use of the remapping feature.

The sensitive buttons make it easy for you to take action with a soft touch of the button. With the quick-touch technology associated with the buttons has made it easy for anyone to make use of the custom controller and win a game with ease.

The distance of your button travel will be reduced greatly with the help of the sensitive button provided on your custom controller. Go ahead and take advantage of the gaming opportunity offered to you by the custom controller here, and you will be glad that you did.

back view of ps4 controller with paddles

The benefits of using the InFocus Custom PS4 Controllers

When you want the gaming hardware that will make you a skillful shooter with high precision, you should come for our custom ps4 controllers. These are handpicked controllers that will keep you ahead of other gamers in terms of quality and a great experience. There are many benefits associated with custom controllers, which you need to know before making up your mind to place an order.

Custom PlayStation 4 controller is the key to your gaming success. It is what you need to make sure that you play the game you want to any level without being defeated. You may want to find out the special thing about our controllers. If that is your question, you will learn about it in this article.

The added functionality in the controllers is the reason you should stick to it for your gaming satisfaction. The added features in our controllers are not possible in the usual controllers you find in the market.

Many gamers are now curious about the level of customization possible on any of the controllers. If that is what you are asking, it is unlimited except with your imagination. So, you have what it takes to customize the hardware until it becomes ergonomically perfect.

It is necessary to know that the reason for the customization is to get added advantage in competing with others. Adding to the improved quality the controller customization offers some other great benefits, and some of these benefits include:

Become a better player

It can be disappointing to continue to fail to fight against other fighters in a Minecraft game. You will be discouraged when you continue to lose to other players, or your territory continues to be captured by other players, making it difficult for you to get ranked. These are hat we try to correct through the custom ps4 controllers offered on our platform.

Through the added features and functionalities, you will always be sure of getting satisfaction as you become a better player with the help of the custom controllers.

You will get accustomed to the maps to know the best spawning and hide spots in the territory you have selected, with the help of the custom controllers. To realize the way the modifications helped your game, switch off the mods, and play with the same experienced player you have been playing with before.

Professional console gamer
rage 2 gameplay

Amazing experience for 1st person shooter games

It will amaze you the way you will defeat opponents and remain undefeatable in the video game when you take advantage of the customization offered on our online platform.

There is no doubt about the fact that the entire 1st-person video shooter games, it still offers great action and fun. One thing you should know about the use of the custom ps4 controllers, you are sure to enjoy your gaming with the game modifications turned on during the fight in the gaming world.

Increasing the number of enemies you killed over time is possible when the rapid-fire modification option is not switched in the modification.

Defeat your enemies faster with the custom controllers

You need a perfect tool to do a perfect job, and that is the same when it comes to engaging in video gaming on the internet. Most times, when you try to compete against other experienced players, you failed due to the functionalities bot in your PS4 controllers.

You might have wondered why you have not been able to defeat your opponents and come up victorious in gaming. That is why we have decided to introduce the best controller modification that will meet your needs. When you fight with the custom controller, you will enjoy improved speed and maneuverability.

FPS game

Your opponent will wonder who they are not able to target you rightly in their shooting when you begin to fight them with the custom PlayStation 4 controllers offered for sale by our trusted team of experts. One thing about our gaming controllers is that they are most suitable for league games where you want to showcase your fighting ability.

You will begin to keep pace ahead of your enemies as you shoot and run faster than ever through the help of the custom controllers provided. We offer the best ergonomically crafted paddle system, hairpin triggers, thumbsticks, and many other paddles that can be programmed to make you unstoppable in the game.


Enjoy enhanced gameplay

If you often play 1st-person video shooter games, you should have heard about the gun and run tactics. The feature is difficult to be carried out with an ordinary controller. That is why you need to customize your controller to make it easy for you to do a lot of things.

You will no longer have to waste time to carry out some functions and operations in the game when you take advantage of the custom controllers offered here. Some of the things you can do without wasting time with the help of the custom controllers here include:

  • Reloading
  • Ducking
  • Aiming
  • Jumping

The only you should be careful about when you make use of these modified game controllers is shooting the enemies as many times as you want and running away when you are done.

What you should know about custom built controllers

If you get a normal gaming controller, we can transform it into a personalized gaming tool to enhance your overall gaming experience. We can give you the customization when your controller comes with an embedded modchip inside.

So, when you want to make your purchase, you should insist on finding out the features of the controller you want to buy before involving your real money. As the modification chip is installed in the controller, press the custom controller button to get the desired action.

But, the most interesting thing is that you do not have to press the button with force to get the result you want. You should not make the mistakes of effecting changes on the computer hardware when you want to customize your gaming controller. Making changes to your computer hardware in a way to customize your controller can cause permanent damage to the computer hardware.

The customization requires only an additional chip, which supposed to be added in the controller. Controller modding companies are many today, and each of them offers unique custom controller chip features. Some of the added modification to the controller to get better result may include the following:

  • Processing upgrade
  • Speed enhancement
  • Memory capacity

We at InFocus usually carry out PS4 controller customization through the addition of various features. Sometimes we normally change the controller button, rubberize the grip, and improve the controller skins. The reason if to enhance grip and make gaming more entertaining and efficient.

Why we’re the most trusted console modders

The modding company you contact for your custom ps4 controllers will determine the result you will get at the end of the day. Most of the modding companies are not able to handle controller customization of the needs pro console eSport gamers. That is the reason we are the best in the customizing industry.

Huge Range of Gamepads

Check through our platform to find several PS4 custom controllers that will make your gaming entertaining and smooth. You will become unbeatable when you fight against your opponent with the customized controller offered on our online platform.

We are offering a range of PS4 custom controllers for sale. So, to increase your chances of making the right choice, you should take your time to explore the options provided to select the best. The entire custom controllers offered on our platform are handpicked with the best interest of gamers considered.

In that regard, you have an opportunity to benefit more from customized gaming controllers when you make your choice on our reliable platform today.

PS4 Controller Builder

To get started with our controller customization, it takes a click of a mouse on the right button provided on our official site. So, you should not delay another minute before going for the personalized controllers provided on our reliable online platform.


How to customize your PlayStation 4 Controller Hardware

The customization options available for the controllers are not limited to the exterior part. You can also find the customization features for the entire PS4 hardware when you check through our online platform. Our custom ps4 controllers are created with the mind of meeting the needs of enthusiasts always.

There are many features associated with the controller that can change its functions, but the modchip for razorback Maxfire is of the most-added hardware for your gaming. Serious gamers are not only looking to beautify their game controller exterior but if you are looking for the best way to enhance your overall gaming, you need a modchip.

It is the feature that will change your gaming tactics. You will also get more other features that will make your gaming more satisfying, such as the quick range burst, and more. There are also some additional features to expect from the PS4 hardware customization. Many exceptional features are provided to make your gaming more entertaining.

The Domin8or Button customization

When you want to take your gaming to another height, a hardware upgrade may the best thing to do. There are various features to upgrade to make your PS4 controller work better and faster. Excess time consumption can make it difficult for you to be effective in playing the game.

To reduce the overall time consumption, you have to upgrade your controller hardware with the addition of Domin8or on the left and right buttons. With these features on your controller button, you can save time in the game with the ability to change your game within a nanosecond.

To ensure adequate function, we have provided modification for the front and backside of the controller. The button is modified to make your thumbs remain on the thumbsticks. We at InfoCus are ready to improve gaming speed with our modified button.

Button remapping is another way we provide an effective upgrade to the controller. With the button’s remapping function, you can customize your PS4 controller to enjoy many games base on your desire. InFocus will give you button remapping and reprogramming safely and easily.

What Makes Our Controllers Stand Out

Our custom ps4 controllers are designed for the satisfaction of everyone. You will always be assured satisfaction as you make use of our customized controllers at any given time. Immediately you allow InfoCus to control of the controller building of your desire.

We promise you gaming fun and guaranteed satisfaction always. Some other things you stand to gain as you go for controller customization service include better performance and aim.

PS4 camo controller infocus


Hardware controller upgrade is one of the things that can make your game more exciting and entertaining. Misfire can be the main reason your opponent will easily defeat you, which is the reason you should enhance your shooting accuracy through regular hardware upgrades. Your gaming accuracy will be unlimited, as you upgrade your feature.

Taking advantage of the upgrade will make it easier for you to be unbeatable in games such as FIFA, Fortnite, NBA2k, and Call of Duty. You will continue to play with improved accuracy, giving you a competitive advantage in the game.


Through customization and hard upgrade, you will be sure of dominating the gaming world. You will begin to make a change that will make enhance your overall power in the game. Remain undefeated in the game through the help of the features provided on your hardware.


By personalizing and upgrading your PS4 controller at InFocus, you will get enhanced chances to get a controller superior to others around. Your imagination is the only limit you have about your customization and upgrade. Customizing your controller will make it possess some unique features not possible with other controllers available in the gaming world.

In that regard, you will always get the information you need to be the only controller operator with a unique feature. Provoking envy in other gamers in other players is among the reasons you should go ahead and take advantage of the customization and hardware upgrade here.

Additional Add-ons and features

Now you have decided to take your gaming to another height with the help of a custom controller, we are ready to help you. Also, it is necessary to take your time to find out more about the extra features of the personalized PlayStation 4 controller you want to use.

We are offering gamers with a paddle system in our customized controllers. It is also necessary for you to consider the reason a large number of experienced gamers are coming to our site. Some of the features associated with the controllers offered on our site include:

  • Ground-breaking paddle design system
  • Maximum control on the button no matter your finger size
  • Perform rapid Maneuvers rapidly without stress
  • Play your preferred video game longer and faster
  • Ergonomic designed activator buttons
  • Tactile feedback
  • Paddles with textured rubber
premium controller with rapid-fire mod skins

Reasons you need InFocus Custom Built PS4 Controllers

It is necessary to consider some factors before accepting the PS4 controller device for any reason. We have a large number of gamers coming to our site for the controllers we offer, and that is for various reasons.

You might have to wonder why oodles of coming are coming to our site when they want to enjoy exciting gaming. That is what made it necessary that you go on and check through our online platform to be to make your choice of custom ps4 controllers without wasting time. There are many other reasons you should make sure that you remain with InFocus when you want to make something out of your gaming on the internet.

You can get the customized controller offered on our site by visiting our official platform today. More so, we have provided gamers with an opportunity to choose their preferred buttons, skins, and more when you want to get the best out of your online gaming today.

There are various features offered in our hardware consoles that made them the best among others around. Some of these features you should know to include:

  • Auto-aim
  • Button Configuration
  • Rapid-fire
  • Fast reload
  • Dropshot

Go on and make use of the controllers offered on our online platform to enjoy an array of PS4 games. Some other reasons you should go for our controller customization include:

Take advantage of the six-month guarantee

Your presence at the InFocus shows that you want to get the best customization for your gaming hardware. We are ready to offer the most superior PlayStation 4 to gamers from different parts of the world. Also, we derive joy in providing gamers with the best hardware upgrade that will enhance the uniqueness of their equipment.

The reason for this is to make sure that gamers enjoy the highest quality experience that will always meet your needs. To make sure you enjoy guaranteed experience and quality gaming features, we are using genuine parts from Microsoft.

Our PS4 controllers are handpicked to make sure users get the best out of their gaming on the internet. More so, to make sure that everyone enjoys gaming satisfaction, we employed the service of the professional PS4 controller manufacturers in the world.

The hardware, buttons, and personalization are put together to ensure the perfect quality control process before releasing the controllers to the market. When we are done with the quality control unit, we commence with the customization, and hardware upgrade. Our rigorous hardware testing is done to make sure that none of the devices disappoint the user for any reason. The blind spots, possibly, with hardware devices are detected immediately and removed in our custom ps4 controllers.

The blind spots, possibly, with hardware devices are detected immediately and removed in our custom ps4 controllers. That is why we offer the best PS4 controllers in the market.

We do not stop at customizing the PlayStation 4 controllers and allow them to be tested rigorously, but provide the customized controllers with additional six-month guarantee. When we are done with customization, upgrade, testing, and inspection the end products are delivered to buyers with enhanced confidence and user satisfaction guaranteed.

Fast Shipping Worldwide

When you want to buy things online, one of the things to consider after quality is the delivery time. You should always enquire about the shipping policy of the company you want to contact for your preferred product before making up your mind to go for the product.

Your orders are shipped directly from our head office to your location anywhere in the world. As you order for our hardware, you will be sure of getting it delivered to your doorstep within three to four working days. We do our best to ensure fast shipping to customers from any part of the world.

Free delivery to customers any time

No one wants to spend a lot of money to get his order delivered. That is the reason we have decided to ensure free delivery to all our customers within the United States.

Our free delivery is among the things that made out offers attractive, as we are always ready to deliver to every customer to their doorstep. To qualify for our free delivery, your order must be more than $100. You do not have to worry about spending additional money to get your order delivered.

InFocus is popular for its readiness to offer free delivery to customers across the globe. Our custom ps4 controllers remain the best you can find anywhere in the gaming world.

All controllers are Customized & Built by InFocus

When you go for the custom ps4 controllers on our site, you will be sure of assured quality. The quality controller’s offers here are of the highest quality made by our trained and trusted professionals.

These are the controllers that can make you undefeatable as you fight against other opponents on the internet. Take your time to confirm the quality of the controllers provided on this platform to pick the one that will make your gaming satisfactory.

The InFocus policy is to ensure quality in all of its products. That is why we have a large number of gamers coming to our site when they want to enjoy the game of their choice in a fun and exciting way. Being produced by our trusted and quality-oriented team of experts, all our products are quality tested and assured to make sure that the gaming experience of users is guaranteed.

How to know the best Ps4 Custom Controllers to choose

It is possible for one to get confused when it comes to the customer PlayStation 4 controller to choose on the internet. That is why we decided to explain the factors to consider when you want to select the best controllers with assured customization features on the internet. The advancement and improvement made on gaming hardware daily are what we consider before carrying out customization.

One way to know an experienced gamer is that he is careful when it comes to selecting controllers, as the success and failure in gaming lie heavily on the controller selected. Since making the right choice of controllers has become a doubting task due to the availability of various options in the market, we have decided to make every controller perfect through customization.

The knowledge of the PS4 controllers in the market will help you to make the right choice. Infocus professional team ensures you enjoy the improved gaming experience with your preferred controller. But, before going ahead to get custom controllers, you must know what they are in the first place, which is what we are ready to explain to you on our platform.

The best way to get the best custom ps4 controllers is to go straight to our online platform. We make sure that customers are provided with necessary modifications and customization that will make their gaming more satisfying than ever.

You will get great quality and assured durability with your modified controller when you get it from us. This customization aims to improve your entire gameplay as well as improve your overall gaming experience.

The best time to buy a custom PS4 controller

After getting the custom ps4 controllers offered on our platform, another thing is to take your time to master the buttons and features of the controller you have selected. You will begin to enjoy a great gaming experience with the custom features and functionalities associated with the controller offered on this renowned online platform.

We offer NSP customized design philosophy, which makes it easy for players to perform optimally as they play shoot against their enemies without added tools or cheat. You do not need special game apps to be unstoppable in the game when you grab the custom controllers provided on this platform.

More so, no need to worry about steep learning procedure to adjust your console, as all you need has been provided through the customization. You must know the right button to press at the right time to get the action you need to defeat the enemies.

Therefore, take your time to study the PS4 controller handed over to you before challenging an opponent for a first-person shooter game.

When to use custom PlayStation 4 controllers

You must know when to use any of the custom buttons on your controller to defeat your enemy as speedily as you are possible. The Evil Thumbsticks are among the most buttons that can make your gaming more enjoyable and effective. With the button, you will enjoy enhanced shooting, jumping, and movie accuracy.

More so, you will be sure of enjoying unraveled gameplay when you take advantage of the renowned evil sticks. The game controller has the button that will make you fly above your opponent as you shoot accurately on the go. With the customized buttons, you will get the features, such as improves precision and more.

That is among the reasons you should go on to take advantage of our custom ps4 controllers today without wasting another minute. So, adding to the impressive ergonomic design of the buttons, you will also be sure of getting more of the things you need to take your gaming to another level with ease.

So, do not run away from another challenge, as you already have the things you need to be undefeated in the gaming world today. Take your time to benefit more from the features on the PS4 controller you have selected before engaging in a battle.

The legality of Custom Controllers for PS4

With the hype about the custom ps4 controllers among online video game players, you can think about its legality. So, if you are among those concerned about the legality of the custom PS4, you are not to worry, as you have landed on the right site created to teach you about controller customization and modification.

The truth you should know is that custom PlayStation Controllers are perfectly boycotted safe and legal. The truth about this customization is that it does not alter the game programming or software as the hacking does. You can make use of the customized hardware to engage in multiplayer gaming on the internet with no concern.

Last Words

If you are an avid video game player, you need a customized controller that will make you undefeatable. Also, you are to ensure you get the right PS4 controller that will make your gaming enjoyable and enhance your shooting precision completely.

Speed is required when you want to experience gaming more than before, which is the reason you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity we provide through our online platform at InFocus. Check through our online platform to know more about the features made available for you on the internet.

The most interesting thing is that you will not need to spend your money to get your order more than $100 delivered to your provided address, as we offer free delivery to all our customers here. The customization of PS4 controllers comes in two steps, and you will be sure of satisfaction when you go for our customization online.