PS4 Mouse & Keyboard Adapter

Buy a converter for your PS4 and start playing with a mouse and keyboard.

wireless keyboard and mouse adapter for PS4

Use A PC Keyboard & Mouse on Your PS4

When you search the gaming hardware market, you will find various PS4 brands with different features and technicalities. While some PlayStation 4 mouse and keyboard adapters are made originally compatible with mouse and keyboard, some require an adapter to make them work effectively mouse and keyboard for PC experience. Sony PS4 is one of the controller options that work effectively for PC gaming.

The reason for connecting your controllers to PC keyboard and mouse is to it easier to type, get around the platform faster and also take advantage of the browser with ease. With these functionalities and features, you can play better and enjoy more. However, there are some PlayStation 4 that requires an adapter to be connected with the mouse and keyboards.

aimswitch keyboard and mouse converter for playstation 4

What you should know about the PS4 Keyboard & Mouse Converter

One thing you should know is that playing a video game with mouse and keyboards will restrict you to certain games. It may restrict you from playing some of the interesting video games out there on the internet.

Call of Duty is among the games popular due to their accessibility to the PC, using mouse and keyboard. However, you cannot continue to play one game several times, as it will lead to boredom. You will not like to feel bored while playing the world-renowned interesting games.

That is what made us decide to provide you with an opportunity to access as many games as you desire. The ps4 keyboard mouse adapter is provided to enhance your chances of getting connected to the mouse keyboard at any given time.

Also, you will be able to swap between controllers and mouse and keyboard when you take advantage of the adapter provided on the internet. The trusted team is ready to ensure that you get the things you need to connect your keyboard when need be and conveniently move around the platform quickly.

That is what made it necessary that you go on and check out our platform for more information on how you can get this done.

What to consider before purchasing a keyboard mouse adapter for your PS4

You will find many types of ps4 keyboard mouse adapter brands when you check the internet. So, with the availability of the assortment of the adapters in the market, you may find it difficult to decide on the right one that will meet your needs.

That is what made it necessary that you go on and consider certain factors before making your choice.

Some of the things to consider before making your purchase include:


You must insist on getting the adapter that is perfectly compatible with your entire PS4 controller. More so, make sure that you choose the adapter that can easily be installed and remove without hassle.

GameSir VX mouse adapter

Backlit and Wireless

Another thing is that you need an adapter that will make it easy for you to conveniently communicate with other players through typing, chat, and more. That is why you need the adapter with blue LED backlit and wireless.

Ease of use

Go for the adapter with easy connection by switching on the controller from bottom of the keyboard. Put the 2.4G PS4 USB port receiver.
Rechargeable battery: To be sure of the durability and powerful performance of your controller adapter, you should go for the ones that come with a rechargeable battery.

Built-in Speakers

Since the ps4 keyboard mouse adapter is built to connect the controller to the keyboard and mouse, you should go for the one that has an in-build speaker. It is what you need to hear the entire action taking place right from your keyboard.

PS4 mouse and keyboard converter for PC

Package contents of the PS4 keyboard & mouse adapter

We at InFocus always ensure that customers get the right quality adapter that will meet their needs. To be sure of customer’s satisfaction, we normally do our best to make sure that the package contains the required accessories to make the connection easy and more functional.

Some of the package contents you should know to include:

  • One Wireless backlit PS4 keyboard
  • One 2.4G micro-USB port receiver
  • One USB cable for charging
  • User manual available in English.

The wireless InFocus mouse converter features

The InFocus comes with several features that made it the best among other brands in the market. It is the ps4 keyboard mouse adapter with ease of use functions, fast installation, and overall durable to meet the needs of everyone. Some other features of our adapter you should know here include:

  • The adapter support the popular mainstream consoles, such as PS4, XB1, PS3, PC, and Switch
  • It comes with wireless connectivity with 32.8ft highest connection control range
  • Comes with mouse and keyboard combo, which has compatible and safety control for mouse and keyboard
  • Exclusive mouse console
  • Key-switches keyboard with mechanical feature.

We are ready to allow everyone to get the best quality ps4 keyboard mouse adapter available in the market. You have many reasons to go for our adapter when you want to enjoy affordable and amazing gaming on your consoles or PC.

Final Words

Your satisfaction will be guaranteed when you go contact our trusted team for PlayStation 4 keyboard mouse adapter. We do our best to make sure that you get the best quality adapter with ease of use, fast installation, easy assembling, and more.

More so, you are not going to spend a lot of money to get the adapter offered on our online platform. These and more are reasons you should go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity our team is ready to offer.