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Xbox One Controller for Pro Gaming

The modded Xbox One controllers are among the options we have made available for you to use for your entertainment experience. Upgrading your gaming controllers is necessary if you want to continue to enjoy an amazing gaming experience you desired.

Infocus is ready to meet your needs by providing you with the best Xbox One modded controller that will meet all your needs without wasting time. It may interest you to know that we are the only hardware company that can offer the best modded Xbox One controllers to customers across the globe.


Buy The Best XB1 Modded Controller

The increasing number of controller brands in the market has made it difficult for most people to choose the best for their gaming. So, if you are among those facing troubles when it comes to deciding on the right gaming console to use, we are ready to help you. Knowing the information associated with the right modded Xbox One controller you want to buy is the right place to start.

You should take your time to learn about the possible features you expect in the modded Xbox One controller you want to buy before going ahead to make your choice. Browse through our collection of Xbox One gamepads to select the one that appeals to you.

modded xbox one controller with rapid-fire

You should not waste another minute before going for the tech improved upgraded controllers available in the market. The type of controller you use for your daily gaming will affect your gaming positively or negatively.

Take Your FPS Games To A New Level with our Modded Xbox One Controllers

Have you been looking for the best way to enhance your gaming experience? Are you looking for the best way to take your gaming to the level you never expected? Do you want to join among the gamer that will always defeat their opponent without having to cheat? You are on the right track if this is what you want without wasting time in the process.

FPS game

The most interesting thing you should know about the modded Xbox One controllers offered for sale by our company is that they are made to enhance the shooter gaming experience of all our customers. So, you do not have to worry when it comes to getting a better shortcut for your gaming through the quality service our technicians are ready to offer.

There is no need for wasting your precious time on the game hardware that will reduce your performance when our modded controllers are already made available on this platform. These and more are reasons we are here for you and every other gamer out there.

There are aim mods associated with the modded controllers for Xbox One, which you need to know about before making up your mind to come for our offers. One more thing about our offers is that it gives you an opportunity to carry out your shooting from a comfortable and convenient location in the gaming world.

The feature will enable you to jump, run, and turn around the way you desired without missing your target. So, your accuracy will always be enhanced in the first person shooter game when you take advantage of the things offered on our reliable online platform.

The Benefits of using our controllers in Xbox One FPS Games

When you check through our homepage, you may wonder why we are the best place for modded Xbox One controllers. But, the reason is self-explanatory, and you will learn about that on this platform. There are a lot of benefits associated without modded controllers, which made us the best company to contact without wasting time. Now, let us take time and go through the benefits associated with our controllers here:

For a quick and smooth paced gameplay

If you are a fan of the 1st-person shooter game, you should consider taking advantage of the modded controllers. The reason for this is that the modded controllers make it easy for games to take actions like ducking, reloading, jumping, aiming, and more without having to waste time.

What you will be more concerned about in the game is to continue to shoot your enemies till they are all on the ground. That made it necessary for you to go on and take advantage of our quick-paced and smooth gameplay associated with the controllers offered on our site.

Become a better player

Gamers usually wonder how they can be made a better video game player through the shortcut provided on the controller. We are ready to help you understand how that is possible here. The major benefits of the shortcuts are that it helps you to find out maps in a more proficient way.

You will always experience comfort as you use the maps and get conversant with the hiding places and spawning. To know the effect of the shortcut in improving your gaming, you should put off the shortcut for a while and fight against an opponent.

The Extended Paddle System

There are various features available for XB1 market. If you want to get the satisfaction you desire, you should find out about the newly added features on our site. A paddle is among the novel features introduced to the modded xb1 controllers provided on our platform.

Base on the experience of most video players in the world, the paddles pair in about 2 or 4 are recognizable numbers used by most gamers. With the paddle system, you do not need any form of added feature to enhance your gameplay.

back view of paddle system on XB1 controller mod

Everything you need to know about the controllers available on the internet is already revealed on our online platform. In that regard, you must go on and take advantage of the opportunity presented before you find out what the paddles system is made to offer.

The essence of this feature is to make it easy for the gamer to remap most of the standard game command control for the controller button according to their preference. Located behind the Xb1 controller, the paddles system comes in various types and forms, these include:

  • Switches
  • Buttons
  • Paddles in two, four or six different parts
  • Extra trigger pads

One thing you should know about our offers is that they are made with the needs of players considered. So, you will always understand about the paddles system associated with your Xbox One when you check through our official online platform.

Many gamers are testifying about their experience with our offers, and you can join among those that can benefit from that also when you consult us today. Therefore, you should not continue to waste your precious time before going ahead to take advantage of the things we offer on our online platform.

Extended Triggers for Better Gaming

There are many things to consider when you want to make your purchase of the modded xb1 controllers offered on our renowned online platform. The extended triggers are created to make things easier for you to make a great impact on your gameplay.

More so, you will experience improved gaming experience when you go for the things our trusted and trained professionals offer on our site. We understand the fact that video game players do not have an equal size of fingers.

Enhanced Ergonomics

Also, we know that most players have considerably smaller hands, which made it difficult for them to press the button at the same time as the triggers. Some players can get this done without difficulties or straining their fingers.

To help those with small hands that does not get to the triggers while placing on the other buttons, the extended trigger, and the extended triggers are being introduced. While it is true that the thumbs rest on the face of the controllers, triggers are handled by the index and center fingers.

The best finger placement on the controllers is to ensure the triggers are being attended to by the center fingers and the forefingers placed comfortably with shoulder fingers.

There are many benefits associated with the trigger extenders. It helps you to relax your hands as you play the game to get the performance you desired. Instead of keeping your fingers at the uncomfortable position on the Xb1 controller, use the extended triggers.

The extended triggers will enable you to reduce distance travel of your triggers, and thus, have improved responsiveness as when due. In everything, the extended triggers will enable you to respond quicker, subtle, and smarter when you are attacked by the opponent. We have done everything to make sure that your gaming is enhanced through the features provided here.

Xbox Controller LED RGB Mod

LED & RGB Modification Indicator

Various functioning buttons are provided on the controller, and the LED indicator is one of the features that are worth understanding. The mods LED indicator button is found on the controllers faceplate. One more thing you should know about the LED indicator is that it comes in different shapes, color, and appearance.

The LED indicator offered by each company differs from one to another, which made it necessary for you to consider the color of the one offered by your chosen company.

The LED indicator has various functionalities, as it helps you to be aware of the turned-on features in your game. With this indicator, you can easily scroll amidst the mods and sub-modes. The input process of custom features are tracked through scrolling between the mods and sub-modes.

Nevertheless, you must know that most controller brands do not offer the LED with the features explained on this platform. You may consider going for the controller that does not let you know the custom values or configuration entertained. There are many reasons every video game should consider taking advantage of the mod LED.

The first reason is that it makes it easy for you to focus on the things taking place in your game instead of being disturbed about some of the controller operations.

InFocus is ready to help you get more information about the LED indicator you want to choose for your controller. Our effort is focused on making things easier for all gamers through the quality controller offered on our site. So to enjoy more about controller with LED indicator, you should go on and take advantage of the things offered on our site today.

Controller Button Modifications

When you check through our modded xb1 controllers, you will find two major gaming pads. These are the gaming pads popular in the market designed to meet your gaming experience.

The first option is the mod button, originally built in the controller, and the second mod button is the one that is added to the controller to enhance its features and functionality. The added mod button is situated at the strategic location behind the controller.

The button is used to turn off or on the mods, which made it one of the most fundamental buttons in the controller. To make sure that you do not unintentionally press on the switch, the location is well-planned. So, you will not have to worry about unintentionally touching the button while engaging in the fight against your opponent.

The operational modification button needs thoughtful customization to make it easy for you to fight effectively and defeat even the most experienced shooter game player on the internet. There is an option for you not to add the operational modification button in your console.

Xbox One controller buttons (X, Y, A, B)

You can continue to play with the original button in the controller you purchased. At first, you may find it difficult to master the right button in the game. That means you need some time to master your controller button to know to understand how it functions always. Join us to make your gaming more satisfying through the controller offered by our trusted team on the internet.

Why You Should Buy Modded Xbox One Controllers from InFocus

InFocus is known for its quality and uncompromising standard. So, if you want to continue to win in your fight against any opponent, you should go ahead and take advantage of the modded Xbox One controllers offered on our online platform.

We have everything organized to make sure that you enjoy the level of satisfaction you have always desired without anything to worry at the end of the day. Many companies are providing modded controllers, but we are the best with our innovative offers.

XB1 button trigger mod

Modification Options

We offer great modification options, which attract people from different parts of the world to our offers. So, you should not waste another minute before coming to this online platform. Among the modifications offered on our site include:

Our Xbox One controllers come with the latest improvement to enhance your gaming experience. We offer the consoles that are compatible with different games on the internet.

We’re The #1 Choice for Xbox Gamers

Some of these reasons you should go ahead and take advantage of our offers include:

  • Free order delivery to your doorstep
  • Timely order delivery to all our customers
  • Highest quality consoles made by our trained and trusted technicians

These and more are among the reasons you should go on and take advantage of our order without wasting another minute.

triger treadz for Xbox One gamepads

We have helped thousands of gamers across the world get the quality and unforgettable experience they need in their video game on the internet. You can be among those that can always benefit from the things offered here, as you contact us today for the modded XB1 controllers.

Door delivery worldwide

Get Fast Delivery Worldwide

When it comes to placing an order online for a modded controller, one thing you should always consider is the shipping time. Also, it is nice for you to consider the cost of getting your order delivered to you at any point in time before going ahead to place your order.

We at InFocus have been in the gaming world for long, and have purchased different Xbox One modded controllers in the past from other dealers, which made us understand the needs of buyers. So, we are now doing everything within our ability to make sure that everyone is provided with the desired satisfaction without wasting time.

When you check through our online platform, you will be sure of fast delivery to your doorstep. When you place an order of about $100, you will be sure of getting it delivered to you without spending additional money as shipping cost.

You do not have to bother yourself about spending more than the actual cost of the controller you want to buy from us, as we are ready to ship it to you without charging for our fast shipping.

More so, get ready to get your order delivered to your doorstep within three to four business days as your order will always be shipped directly by our special group. These are what made our offers the best you can find anywhere in the gaming world.

Take advantage of the opportunity presented to you by our renowned team, and you will be happy that you did. You will find out more about our modded xb1 controllers by the time you check our site.

Complete satisfaction with our modded X1 controller

Interestingly many video game enthusiasts have testified to the things they benefited from our controller options on the internet. The mistake most people normally make when it comes to getting modded controllers in the market is that they failed to consider their needs before placing an order.

You will always find out the best among our modded controllers on Xbox One when you take your time to browse through it and decide on the features you want. We are doing our best to make sure that your gaming experience is enhanced through the controllers offered on our online platform.

More so, avid gamers from across the world are provided with everything they need to make their more entertaining through the assortment options offered on our online platform. Gamers checking through our online platform always testify to the satisfaction they enjoyed. So, you will always discover the best way to make sure that you get the right Xbox One console you want when you buy from the team that knows the best way to meet your needs.

In our bid to make sure video game fans are provided with the right hardware for their gaming, we have partnered with many hardware removable component manufacturers in the world. These are the manufactures that assure the best standard and quality control in their products.

One other reason we partner with the best manufacturing firm is to ensure that customers get the quality they want for their controller. So, when you buy a controller from InFocus, you will be sure of durability and satisfaction. The operation modification button is one of the areas that require adjustment for the enhanced gaming experience.

Excellent Customer Support

We do not focus all our attention on providing customers with quality service without making provision to hear their side of the story. That is we hire experienced and friendly customer support team ready to meet the needs of our customers without wasting time

We do not employ workers in our support team without scrutinizing their records and ensuring they are the best for the work. So, a call to our support team will solve your entire problems and clear your doubts about the modded controller offered on our online platform.

More so, you can always contact our support team at any given time and get the solution to your problem without wasting time in the process. Contacting our support team is not difficult, as you can reach out to them via various channels, including Email, phone call, Whatsapp, and more.

Join among those that will smile at the end of the day by accepting the things we have to offer on our online platform. Our excellent customer support service is available 24/7 to meet all your needs.

XMod modchip

The Modchip in Modified Xbox One Controllers

A usual Xbox controller can easily be modified into a modern and modded controller with the installation of a modchip. The introduction of this modchip makes it easy for you to get more features and functionalities that will always meet your needs.

The interesting thing is that the customization of a Xbox controller only requires the correct installation of the modchip. There is no alteration to the hardware of the controller, which made the device to remain as it is but with improved functionality. When you check the internet, you will find various modding companies offering different modded chips in the market.

The idea is for you to select the one that will meet your customization needs. More so, the modification type the company offers may come with certain features like an increase in speed and memory limit. That will be enough to enhance your overall gaming experience and make you the undefeated in the game.

With these things, you can be sure of finding out the best controller modification company to contact for your video gaming without anything to worry about in the process.

Redesign & Mod An Xbox One Controller

Another thing is that to get the right controller for your gaming, you must know the things that need to be improved or changed in your controller. The entire pads and buttons on the Xbox controller can be altered via modding. In addition to this, button remapping is another thing that can be done during Xbox One controller customization.

Enhance Your Grip

You can also remap your paddles to make your modded controller perform better and faster. Enhance your thumb grip on the controller is another thing you can always do and be sure of success. To get this done, you should learn how to attach more triggers. It may interest you to know that the design of your controller can be redesigned through hardware customization.

Add Wraps & Stickers

What you need is to check through the available stickers and skins to select the one that will always meet your needs. InFocus is a name that commands respect in the controller modding world. The official site is created to give modded controllers users what they need to enjoy satisfaction.

Install Modchip

More so, to be sure of satisfaction, you must check through the assortment options provided to select the one that will meet your needs. Most of the modded Xbox One controllers offered by our company come with tech improved chips installed into them.

These technologically improved chips increase the chances of users to achieve better customization with their devices. Therefore, you will always get the things you need to stand strong in your order when you check through our modded controllers for Xbox One provided on our site.

Some things to look out for in Xbox One Modded Controllers

Perhaps, you have been thinking of the factors to consider when you want to select the best-modded controllers. You do not have to worry if these are your needs, as we have come to give you a better opportunity to make your choice without wasting time.

With different modded controller companies offering different types and designs, it can be difficult to know the right one to buy. But, knowing some essential factors about the modded Xbox One controllers is very much important, as it will help you to avoid making mistakes. You must take your time to consider your budget and taste before deciding on the right controller to invest your money into for gaming online.

Top-notch quality and extra-ordinary design are among the things you stand to get when you want to enhance your overall opportunity. The improvement in technology has resulted in the rapid evolving of modded controllers in the market.

Some of the controller options that will meet your needs include:

  • The cost of the controllers
  • Your budget
  • The performance
  • Functionalities
  • Improved features
  • Experience of other gamers
  • The exterior design and modification of the controller

New improvements & Technology

The improvement in technology has made life better and easier for everyone. Video game enthusiasts are now provided with an opportunity to enjoy improving technology to enhance their experience. To enhance gaming fun, gadget technology is now made better for everyone to enjoy.

The improvement in the Xbox gaming hardware technology on a daily bases contributed to the increasing interest of people in video gaming. Upgrades in gaming hardware are announced weekly, which made it necessary that you do your best to always be on top of the game. Knowledgeable gamers always know the best way to pick their best gaming device.

Best Options For Your Controller

Have you been wondering if the best option from our modded xb1 controllers? Do you want to get the modded controller that will load your life with joy and gladness this season? Or you are already looking for the best way to enhance your video gaming entertainment without spending more money?

Your problem can be solved when you allow us to be your supplier. We have an assortment of controllers in our storehouse, and ready to deliver them to you without wasting time. Also, you can always discover the best way to make sure that you get the best modded Xbox One controllers that will enhance your gaming when you check on the internet.

It is also interesting for you to know some of the essential factors to put into consideration before selecting the right controller for your needs. These are among the information we are ready to provide to you on our online platform. Some of the things you should look out for before accepting any controller in the market include:

  • The performance and build in quality
  • Available operational modification button
  • Available modifications LED indicator
  • Extended triggers
  • Paddles system
back paddles on Xbox Elite mod controller

Why you should consider the cost of modded controllers for Xbox One

When you want to make your gaming more satisfying through controller modification, there are some things to put into your mind. The first thing to remember is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get a modded controller.

Spending a lot of money to get the controller is not wise, as there are assortments of options available in the market offered at a more affordable rate. So, you do not have to worry yourself more when it comes to getting the right controller that will always meet your needs. There are many modding companies offering their products at different prices.

So, before deciding on the one to buy, you should take the time to compare costs and determine the best for you. You can find the modded X1 controllers within your budget when you check through our online platform. We are ready to give you the best quality Xbox One modded controllers that will meet your needs.

To find the one that will meet your needs, take your time to check through our options on the internet. It is what you need to make sure that you get the things you need to experience satisfaction with ease. Check through InFocus official site to know the right one that will meet your needs.

You will find the best price with assured performance and improved features when you check through our options provided on the internet. Get modding options that will meet your gaming moves, objectives, performance goals, and style when you check through our online platform.

Getting the right quality for your new controller

When you bring your Xbox One controller to us, our trained technician will take time to install some modchips and carry out some required modifications to ensure perfect customization before releasing it to you.

The physical adjustment is made to ensure the ergonomic design and improved attraction to all users. You must know that most of the removable or adjustable components of the controllers are purchased from other companies.

We always make sure that the third-party company chosen to manufacture the parts of the controllers does not repeat functionalities in the controllers to avoid affecting the controller negatively. More so, to ensure the controller does not malfunction, we regularly ensure the physical components are not overloaded with ads-on and custom features.

These are the reasons our modded Xbox One controllers do not have issues with compromised execution and designs. So, you will be sure of getting improved performance and functionalities you want for your controller when you connect to InFocus on the internet.

All the things you need to experience gaming differently are provided to you by our renowned technicians. We do our best to ensure your happiness and improved video gaming, which is the reason for increasing popularity in the gaming world.

Your focus should always be on the performance of your controller, which is the reason you should avoid paying more attention to the physical beautification and adjustment of your controller.

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Legality of Modded Xbox One controllers and what you should know

You should not go for our modded xb1 controllers without taking the time to confirm legality. The reason to confirm legality is to avoid heating the rock before the choice of controller you have made. We are set to reveal everything you want to know about legally on our modded controllers without wasting time.

The major worries of gamers across the world when it comes to customizing their controller is whether it is legal to do that or not. Indeed, most companies may not be ready to say anything about this, which made it difficult for their customers to understand when they are getting into legal issues in their purchase.

But, we at InFocus is set to open your eyes to the things you need to know about the legal aspect of our offers before delivering them to you. Our modded controllers are legal, and you can feel free to go for the one that will always meet your needs.

The modded controller offered by our company does not alter the programming part of the game. That is what made it legal for everyone to benefit. So, you should go on and take advantage of the opportunity presented to you here to get the option that will make your gaming better and enjoyable.

Final Words

The efficient modification you need on your controller is what we are ready to offer. We have done that for many gamers, and continue to do that to those that want to enjoy satisfactory gaming. So, you should consider taking the opportunity we present on our platform to enjoy the gaming experience you have desired today.

The modded Xbox One controllers offered on our site are legal to make sure that users are free to go for it. Another thing you should know about the controller provided here is that they come at an affordable rate. Free and fast shipping is assured to meet the needs of everyone at any given time. So, you will always be sure of getting your order right at the comfort of your home when you visit our site today.

Becoming a better video game player will be possible when you take advantage of our modded controller. Our controllers come with many benefits that will make everyone happy. We are on top of the game when it comes to providing customers with the best controller they need. So, you should feel free to contact us when you want to get the best-modded controller that will make your gaming more enjoyable and satisfying

It is exciting for you to know about the extended triggers, paddle system, operation modification button, and modification LED indicator when you want to make your choice. We build the best quality and assured performance in your controller without making gamers spend a lot of money to acquire them. Check through our online platform to understand more about what we offer before making your choice today.