Xbox One Mouse & Keyboard Adapter

Buy a converter for your Xbox One and start playing with a mouse and keyboard.

Hori X1 keyboard mouse adaptor

Use A PC Keyboard & Mouse on Your Xbox One

Your desire to take your Xbox One gaming experience to another level will be improved when you allow us to provide you with the right console adapter for your gaming. We know you will sometimes desire to enjoy video games on PC and other gaming devices. That is why we have decided to provide you some powerful Xbox One keyboard and mouse adapter that will make your work easier.

While are ready to assure you of our tech improved adapter, you can decide on how to make use of it. Also, you will be sure of experiencing unrestricted gaming experience, as you take advantage of the things we offer on our online platform. You do not have to change y our firmware to enjoy the superior feature associated with the gaming adapter provided here.

More so, we know that most gamers do not like to involve in the rigorous process involved in installing drivers of hardware, and have decided to ensure plug-and-play with our adapter. In that regard, explore InFocus Xbox one mouse and keyboard adapter provided on the internet.

Xbox One mouse and keyboard adapter converter for PC

Why you should go for a keyboard & mouse adapter on your Xbox One

There are many reasons gamers come to our site for xb1 keyboard mouse adapter. Some of these reasons you need to know include:

Increased precision and speed

The adapter offered on our online platform will improve the overall precision and speed of your mouse and keyboard to the Xbox. So, you will continue to shoot without missing your target when you take advantage of the opportunity provided here.

Full compatibility

We provide you with the adapter that will enable you to play with different hardware devices, such as Xb1, Xb1 X. X360, XB1 S, and more.

Great for FPS shooter games

Whether you are a fan of adventure or shooter game, the mouse and keyboard adapter provided by our team will meet your needs. The adapter is created to work perfectly for both shooter games and adventure games. In that regard, you will always find out the best way to enjoy gaming the way you desired.

The adapter works on various devices

You may want to play your game with different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or PC, which is the reason we have provided an adapter suitable for several devices. The custom configuration required for this adapter is provided by the Android software. It is calibrated for Mouse Curves, Macros, custom made key mapping, and more.

Things You Should Know About PC/XB1 Keyboard & Mouse Converter

Have you been into video gaming on the internet, but find it difficult to enjoy the game for long on PC? Are you looking for or the best place where your gaming needs will be met without interruption?

You are welcome to InFocus online platform where the information you need will easily be provided. With our xb1 keyboard mouse adapter, you will find out the best way to switch between game modes.

Also, you will stand a chance of enjoying gaming experience on your PC as well as on your Xbox One console after getting the adapter provided on our platform.

Razer Xbox Keyboard converter

One more thing you need to know about the adapter is that they are designed with the satisfaction of video game enthusiasts considered. So, go on and check through the options provided to know the one that will meet your needs. One more thing you will benefit as you choose our adapter for Xbox One is that they are crated with an increase in compatibility and precision.

You will always shoot speedily and accurately when you take advantage of the Xbox One PC adapter provided on our platform today. Continue to read our content as we explain more about the adapter offered on our site.

Store several Xbox Live profiles

Among the various features associated with our xb1 keyboard mouse adapter, the storage of several game profiles is the newest. It is a novel feature that has captivated the mind of gamers in different parts of the world.

The adapter gives you an opportunity to different profile groups, to organize people quickly. Each of the groups can comprise of eight people, and you can include a speedy hotkey problem that will enable you to move from one group to another one in a live game.

Get live modification options

InFocus has provided an opportunity for gamers to get live adjustment of their game console with their novel mouse and keyboard adapter. To get this done, you can connect your various devices such as smartphone, tablet, or laptop for your live game.

The reason or this is to enable easy alteration, testing, and saving of your modification on the go. Going for our Xbox One keyboard/mouse PC adapter will allow you to make your gaming more satisfying and entertaining.

What to gain from our Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse PC Converter

You stand a chance to gain a lot of things from the adapter provided by our team today. You will be sure of high compatibility with various windows operating systems, such as Windows Vista and Windows 10 personal computers.

The enhanced configuration levels you need to make easy money is what you stand to gain when you go for this gaming adapter. In that regard, you will always get the things you need to engage in video gaming experience using your Xbox One consoles or PC.


Join the team of gamers that will benefit more from what the gaming platform offers, and you will be happy that you did. You will find out more ways to enjoy your gaming on the desired consoles without hassle when you go for the adapter offered here by our trusted team.

Another thing you should know is that the Xbox One console is made to be connected to various gaming hardware, such as PC, Smartphone, Tablets, and more. Go ahead and take advantage of the opportunity presented here by our trusted gaming experts, and you will be happy that you did.