Take Advantage of Our Excellent 24/7 Support

We at InFocus believe that everyone deserves our attention and respect. The respect we usually desire from other gaming hardware manufacturing company is what we are set to give our customers today. To make this possible, we have selected trained, licensed, bonded, and experienced professionals to work in our support department.

Also, we are aware that most gamers lack the technicalities required to handle their hardware customization and modding. These and more are the reason we have decided to straighten our support team to ensure that the needs of every one of our customers are met without delay.

What you should know about our support team

The quality of the people that made up the support team of a company will determine the experience of customers. We know about this and have handed our support service into the hands of the professional and trained team. All the people that made up our support team are trained, trusted, friendly, and ready to ensure quality service to all our customers. So, when you contact InfoCus for inquiry, queries, or anything thing, you will be sure of the best answer to your question.

customer support for PS4 and Xbox One

The possible channels to reach out to us for assistance

To make sure that every gamer on our site contacts us without hassle, we have introduced more channels. Join among those that will benefit more from our customer support service by reaching out to us through various channels. Some of our approved support channels for customers to reach to us include:

  • Email
  • Phone call
  • Live chat

You will always find out the best way to get a solution to your problem when you contact us today for support service. When you want us to attend to your challenges that are not urgent, you can send us an email. We respond to emails within 24 hours.

When you should consider using our Live Chat

When you discover in the middle of a tournament you discover your console is not working as it should, you will need an urgent response from us. So, you may not have to wait for several minutes to get our response through email.

The fastest way to get our response is through live chat. We have a trusted support team ready to attend to your needs at any given time through our chat on the internet. That is what made gamer to prefer our hardware to others around. Join among those that will benefit from InFocus excellent support, and you will be glad that you did.

Contact our professional support team

Now you can contact us through different channels for support, and be sure of a quick response. Your peace of mind is our top priority, and we are doing everything possible to ensure customers do not complain about our inability to meet their needs.

Contact us today for the support service, and you will get an urgent efficient response that will bring answers to your questions. So, contact our support team for your hardware needs, and you will be sure of satisfaction.