Jump Shot Mod for PS4 & Xbox One

Get Jump Shots mod-pack for PS4 and Xbox One

The first-personal shooter video game is very interesting and captivating. It is the game that will showcase your fighting and shooting ability in the gaming world. Take advantage of the features available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One to carry out some functions without stress.

The jump shots mods are created to give you a better gaming experience at any given time. To make sure that you find out more about this shooter game mod, we at InFocus have decided to provide you with everything you need.

You can consider checking out for the jump-shot modification to know what you stand to gain without wasting time. Take your time to explore the modes and find out how to act on the content of this article.

Controllers with Jump Shot Mod


Our mods are created to ensure your overall satisfaction n to every playing. So, you have landed on the right site designed to meet your video gaming needs without stress.

What’s Jump Shot Mod?

Your PS4 and Xb1 controllers are created with various features to meet your playing style. Your video gaming experience notwithstanding, you will always find the one that will meet your needs on our site. More so, no matter your gameplay, you need to master the functionalities of the buttons to play to your satisfaction.

The original controllers come with the button functionalities that may not be to your satisfaction. But to continue to enjoy playing the game and getting the functionalities to defeat your opponent, you should let us customize the controller for you today. Playing a video game with our controllers will enhance your opportunity to stand strong against your opponent.

The jump shots mod is available to test your ability to carry out dual operations with the controller. There is also drop shot modification, which your soldiers will be expected to drop on the floor as they fire their shot at the enemies to avoid being injured or killed.

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You have to enable the Jump shots so the soldiers will jump up automatically when you trigger the fire button. It is a way to increase your chances of getting at your enemies with your weapon and making it difficult for them to achieve their aim.

So, are you ready to dominate the gaming world with your shooting skills? Go on and take advantage of the jump shots modification provided here.

jump shot in Call of Duty

How to Use Jump Shot Mods in FPS Games

There are variously available mods available for you to take advantage of when you want to defeat your enemies in the gaming world. The jump shots mod is among the tricky options, which you need to make your enemies unable to get you.

After understanding that you need to enable the jump shot on your controller, another thing will be to learn how to get this done. You need to master the technicalities involved in getting the soldiers to jump and suspend on the air till they get your enemies one after another.

Your enemies will be shooting at different positions without being able to get it when you use this modification. You will discover the smartest ways to take your enemies by surprise as you take advantage of the tips provided here.

We are ready to give you professional tips on how you can operate the jump shots modifications here. Activation of the jump or drop shot requires some button combinations.

The first thing to do is to hold down the modification switch located at the back of your controller. The next thing will be to press your hand on the circle button, which will activate orange color LEDs glows. The LED glows when the feature is activated.

To enable the jump shot or drop shot mod, tap a fire-weapon button. When you do this, your fighting soldiers will drop or jump base on the present modes you are playing within the first-person shooter game.

How to operate the mod on your controller

There are certain things you should pay close attention to when you want to trigger the jump shots mod on your PlayStation 4 or Xb1. To learn how to get this done, you should check the information provided on our online platform. That is what you need to make sure that you take your opponent by surprise, as you shot and kill their soldiers in the battleground.

There are various gaming modes available in the shooter game, which you may like to move from one to another. We at InFocus will guide you through the processes involved in getting the things you need to defeat your enemies.

Remember that as you plan to kill the soldiers of your enemies, so they plan to kill your soldiers. That is what made it nice that you make a strategic plan when you want to win against your opponent and get more rank in the game. To scroll from one mode to another, there are some things you need to know.

Some of these things you need to know include:

  • Ensure the jump shots modification is enabled before going on to change the mode of the game
  • Press down the action mod button located at the back of the controller
  • Press down the Circle button to trigger the LED one, two, or four blink with orange color
  • Continue to hold down the button till you get to the mode you desired in the game.
Advanced Warfare drop shot mod

Drop & Jump Shot Modes

In your bid to take your gaming to another level, you must take some time to master your controller features and buttons. The buttons provide done the PS4 gives different functions when pressed.

The same applies to the Xbox One, as the buttons are designed to offer various functions to the player. But, one thing most players do not know is the availability of various sub-modes, which they need to choose when they want to make their gaming more entertaining and satisfying.

There are about four different game modes available in various shooter games, which you need to choose. To activate each of the sub-modes, you need to take a different action. Understanding the action to take to change from one default sub-mod to another is another way of making your gaming more entertaining and satisfying.

By checking through our jump shots mod, you will learn about the four sub-modes available by default for the gamers. To activate the sub-modes, you should do the following:

Drop shot mode

Activation of this button will make your soldier drop down on the floor when you fire at the opponent. It is a way to make sure that the enemies allowed to come anywhere near your soldier. That occurs automatically, as you touch a PS4 or XB1 button.

Drop shot mode v2

The action normally makes the soldiers drop on the floor automatically as you continue to fire at the enemies. The only time the soldiers do not drop on the floor as you fire is when you are scoping.

Jump shot mode

With this action, the soldier will automatically jump as you continue to fire a shot at the enemy.

Jump shot mode v2

The action made the soldiers jump and shot except when you are scoping at the same time. But, you must get it done rightly to get the desired outcome.

How to turn off the jump shots mod

After taking action against enemies, you may need to turn off mode you have used and change to another mode for more action. To get this down, hold down the modification switch located at the back of your controller. Also, you can get this done by tapping at the circle button, which is available by default in the button layout.

The activation of this button normally turns on LED light two three or four being turned off. When you hold down the modification switch located at the back of the controller and tap on the X button, you will get the same result. Take your time to discover more reasons you need to learn about the jump shots modification features on our online platform.

We are ready to ensure you get detailed information on how to achieve the jump shots mod on our official site. Your needs will always be met when you take advantage of the information presented to you on our official site today. Another thing you should know is that there are some games compatible with the PS4 mods, which you need to consider when you learn about the jump shots modification.

You can go on and follow the comprehensive information provided on this platform to find out the best way to defeat your enemies in the shooter game without stress. If you have challenges in getting your jump shots medications, you can consult our friendly support team. These are the trained experts available 24/7 to meet your gaming needs every time.

Compatible games with the jump & drop shots mod

There is no need to waste another minute before going ahead to benefit from the things the reliable gaming platform has to offer. You have the opportunity you have desired to understand how to utilize the jump shots mod, as you read to the end of our content here.

After learning about the jump shots modification on your PlayStation 4 and XB1, you may wonder about the compatible games to use the feature. So, we are not only ready to provide you with detailed information about the best action modes for your PS4, but also to make sure that you understand the available compatible games to choose from the list provided.

The Jump shot and Drop shot modification are all compatible with various games, such as Battlefield, Call Of Duty, and Destiny games. The jump shot is the only compatible option for the Destiny games.

Additional information

Take your time to explore our online platform to understand the reason InfoCus is the right online platform for those that want to benefit from the best PS4 and XB1 hardware of their preference. We provide gamers with an opportunity to explore various gaming hardware with their assured satisfaction. One more thing you should know about the things presented on our site is that they are made with the satisfaction of gamers in mind.

So, you can take your time to check through the various jump shots mod options available to choose the one that will meet your needs. Also, you can find out more about the PlayStation 4 mods and their compatibility when you take your time to check through our online platform.

By visiting our online platform, you have learned the meaning of jump shot modification and the easier way to operate both the jump shot and drop shot modifications. If you have any doubts about the things offered by our trusted team, you can contact our support team for assistance. The support is available for you 24/7 without additional charges.