Refund Policy

InFocus is not obligated to attend to refund request based on the reasons below:

Product not delivered to the customer: There are many reasons we may not send you an email for product delivery, as a result of the problem associated with the courier or mail service.

More so, we will first demand the submission of a proof of report submission to our mail courier or mail Service Company, explaining to them about the undelivered item. That will be dependent on the cost of the product you have ordered from us. Without submission of the proof, you will not respond to your query about the product not delivered to you.

Issues with downloads

If any issues made it difficult for you to download any of our products, InFocus advises you to report the issues to the browser provider support team. The support team of the browser provider you used will be responsible for any issues regarding not being able to download any of our products.

We make sure that all our software, such as hardware drivers, and more are downloadable with the popular browsers on the internet. So, if there is a difficulty obstructing you from downloads any of the software on our platform, it can mainly be traced to you, browser provider, network provider, or firewall. With this knowledge, you will not have to waste time before getting a solution to your problem since you already know the origin of your problem.

Permanent hardware defects

While it is true that we took our time to thoroughly test and scrutinize all our products before releasing them to the public, it is possible to experience errors not expected. When you have this difficulty, you should quickly file for a complaint to the customer support team.

The support department will take the time to check your complaint to approve your request for a refund. We are ready to ensure your happiness with excellent support service to make sure that your full amount is refunded without wasting time. Make sure you contact our renowned and friendly support service to get the attention needed to solve your problem without wasting time.

Contents of the package not as requested: A request made according to the reason mentioned here is handled based on the project and case following the InfoCus support approval. To avoid the occurrence of the claim, we usually encourage all the customers ordering for products to take their time and observe the trial package provided to them before proceeding to place an order. The sample or trial packages are in various forms, such as demo links, video overviews, screenshots, product samples, and more.

We make sure that each one of our products has free samples for customers to confirm the features of our product. The trial period on our products normally lasts for 14 days to enable you to test and experience the products you want to buy before involving your real money. You can learn more about these things through our customer support.